Megan Williams

A Virtual Handshake

In my experience, a real-life handshake is, at best, well meaning and a little sweaty, so at least the online nature of this introduction means that we can (hopefully) bypass the sweat. I’m Megan- an aspiring writer currently surviving Uni with a frightening lack of natural common sense and incredible talents for procrastinating, talking too much and (if you can’t tell already) being unbearably cringey.

It didn’t take me long to realise that the misadventures of a Uni student are well worth writing down, at the very least for myself to look back on when I’m old and (more) boring and no longer like tequila. I hope that some of you closer to my age will find solace in the fact that I, as apparently a university level student, actually spend most of the time with no idea what is going on and, although legally an adult, still await the lightbulb moment that grants me with the knowledge I have so long, and so wrongly, believed would accompany being a grown-up.

So, welcome!